Step № 39 – «Premium food products market in Russia. Know its peculiarities and do not make mistakes»  

«Your first 50 right steps to enter the Russian food market».

Step № 39 – «Premium food products market in Russia. Know its peculiarities and do not make mistakes»


I have a lot of expertise in the market of premium food products in Russia. So, all the recommendations and advice I give to foreign companies are based on my personal professional. I was engaged in premium food products for about 8 years in Russia, and I managed three of premium food factories in Russia. I produced the most expensive meat dumplings (pelmeni) and pancakes in Russia, the most expensive canned food and the most expensive fish.

I went through all stages from purchasing premium ingredients to sales in premium grocery stores in Russia. During my career I had to deal with three serious economic crises in Russia and during all the three of them I worked with premium food products. So, I have seen the good years for premium products in Russia and I have seen the worst ones…

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Yours faithfully,

Alexander Sinyanskiy

Business Adviser on Russian Food Market  


Step № 1 – «If you have some friends need our products please let me know»

Step № 2 — «Look at you products and website by the eyes of a Russian»

Step № 3 – “Do not offer commission!”

Step № 4 – “Learn and research about your future competitors”

Step № 5 – “Assess potential obstacles”

Step № 6 – “The most critical MUST-DO: localize and translate your food business into the Russian language”

Step № 7 – «This is a step for business women and about women»

Step № 8 – “Research local preferences»

Step № 9 – «Do everything only according to the law»

Step № 10 – “Corruption and crime”

Step № 11 – «Russian mentality. Do not even try to understand”

Step № 12 – “We are looking for a food distributor in Russia! Just one exclusive distributor!»

Step № 13 – “Who is your customer in Russia? Can you describe in details?”

Step № 14 – «Why you need to have a website in the Russian language if you want to work with    Russia»

Step № 15 – “Learn 3 main Russian food traditions”

Step № 16 – «Taxes and duties in Russia”

Step № 17 – “Where to find good employees in Russia?”

Step № 18 – “Do you think Moscow is the best location for business? Not always”

Step № 19 – “Always collect all the information about your Russian partners”

Step № 20 – “Major religions in Russia. What for? Of course, for business”.

Step № 21 – “GMO food, organic food and food additives”

Step № 22 – “Participation in specialized food exhibitions in Russia”

Step № 23 – “How to properly prepare for food exhibition in Russia?”

Step № 24 – “Who are your potential clients in Russia?

Step № 25 – “What should you do after a food exhibition in Russia?”

Step № 26 — «Russian social networks»

Step № 27 – “Do you want to have a Russian business partner? Spoiler – No!”

Step № 28 – “Before entering the Russian food market, you MUST have a business plan and a backup plan”

Step № 29 – “Forget about these three phrases. Part 1 – Give us references on your work”

Step № 30 – “Forget about these three phrases. Part 2 – Advance payment and a letter of credit»

Step № 31 – «How to start your food business in Russia? I recommend business travel»

Step № 32 – «Opening a Russian legal entity (LLC and JSC)»

Step № 33 – «Open a joint venture or buy a stake in a Russian business»

Step № 34 – «Opening a branch or a representative office of your company in Russia»

Step № 35 – “Sport in Russia. What for? For food business of course”

Step № 36 – «Advertising food in Russia. The main things you need to know»

Step № 37 – “CIS and the Eurasian Customs Union. What for? To enter the Russian food market»

Step № 38 – «Vegetarianism and food products for vegetarians in Russia»

Step № 39 – «Premium food products market in Russia. Know its peculiarities and do not make mistakes»

Step № 40 – «Documents required to trade food in in Russia»

Step № 41 – “Are you thinking of selling your food franchise to Russia? Good idea!»

Step № 42 – “Are you selling your business? Sell it to buyers from Russian»

Step № 43 – “Memorize the main governmental websites necessary for food market in Russia»

Step № 44 – “How a foreigner can find a job in Russia?»

Step № 45 – “Resort Cities in Russia. What for? For business of course”

Step № 46 — “How to find a distributor or buyer for FREE in the food market of Russia”

Step № 47 — «Holidays and days off in Russia. What for? Of course for business»

Step № 48 — «E-commerce in Russia»

Step № 49 – “Start your food business in Russia remotely and manage all processes without problems”

Step № 50 – «How to resolve complaints and disputes on the Russian food market»

Step № 51 – «So Alexander, how can I enter the Russian food market?»

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