Week #27. Brief news of the Russian food market.

Brief news of the Russian food market.

Week #27. 2019 year. 

– Rosselkhoznadzor announced the uncontrolled use of pesticides in Russia- Russian producers who grow fruits and berries will reduce taxes- Grain exports from Russia from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, amounted to 43.3 million tons, of which wheat – 35.2 million tons.

– The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia said that a grain harvest of 118 million tons in 2019 guarantees an increase in exports.

– Meteorologists predict a sharp decline in buckwheat harvest this year.

– The largest Russian bank Sberbank plans to open new offices together with McDonalds

– One of the largest agro holdings in Russia, Cherkizovo, has suspended the construction of a new poultry complex in the Lipetsk region due to an oversupply of chicken on the food market in Russia.

– Roscachestvo found antibiotics in McDonald’s and KFC burgers sold in Russia. According to the results of the tests, in the “Big Mac” (McDonalds), the laboratory experts found traces of the antibiotic “ternidazole“, while in the Chefburger (KFC) the traces of the antibiotic “enrofloxacin“. McDonalds does not agree with such analyzes, KFC declined to comment.

– Soon the wine in Russia will rise in price. The state increases the excise duty from 31 to 40 rubles per bottle.

– According to the study, since the beginning of 2019, the Russians began to buy more food but began to save on premium food.

– In June 2019, the share of purchases in Russia paid by cards for the first time exceeded 50%. The Russians paid with cards for a total of 54% of purchases in stores. In 2017, 40% of Russians paid with cards, in 2018 – 46%.

– Analysts have figured out a product on which Russia has never saved. This is ice cream. 12% of Russians buy ice cream once a week or more. Of these, 56% buy ice cream at least once a week, 21.9% – twice a week, 8.5% – three times, 4.1% – four times a week and about 4% – ten or more times a week. Most often women buy ice cream

– In several regions of Russia, there have been cases of massive death of bees due to the use of chemicals in the fields. Therefore, this year it is projected that prices for honey in Russia will increase by 50%

– In Russia, the classification of grain bread. Previously, this was not. Now, a baked product without a filling with a moisture content of more than 19% and containing three or more types of grain and its products (except wheat and rye flour) will be considered a multigrain.

– Prices for chicken meat are 8% higher than last year. The average selling price of turkey meat increased by 22% over the same period last year.

– More than half (53%) of Russians would prefer to order meat in a restaurant, and only 11% choose fish, while 18% would choose poultry dishes, 10% seafood.

– Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed the hope that products from Bolivia, in particular beef, will begin to enter the Russian market in the near future. Putin made such a statement after negotiations with the president of Bolivia.

– Kaliningrad region produces 32.5% of canned fish produced in Russia

– Iceland is ready to update the Russian fishing fleet

– The catch of Russian fishermen this year will be no less than 5 million tons. This is less than last year

Yours faithfully,

Alexander Sinyanskiy

Business  Advisor on the Russian Food Market


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