Step № 41 – “Are you thinking of selling your food franchise to Russia? Good idea!”

“Your first 50 right steps to enter the Russian food market”.

Step № 41 – “Are you thinking of selling your food franchise to Russia? Good idea!”

If you are thinking of selling your food franchise in Russia, I can tell you straight away that is a great idea. There are several reasons, let me tell you about some. Firstly, for a long time the food franchise market in Russia has been mainly represented by Russian companies. By and large, these were the same major players.I have not seen for a long time franchises that cause a “wow effect” as Steve Jobs said. However, over the past few years, a lot of companies from Russian regions have started to develop their food franchises. For example, franchises of bakeries or organic products stores are very popular now.

But these are foreign food franchises that cause the very “wow effect”. I travel around the world a lot and I try amazing food products. I feel really sorry that these products are not sold in Russia. Most importantly, you will have no competitors because those who are interested in franchises in Russia understand very well that food franchises of the same product originated from Russia and abroad are completely different franchises in terms of their price and “quality”.

Where to start selling your franchise in Russia? Let me share with you some of the easiest ways.

First of all, this is the main exhibition of Russian franchises – Moscow Franchise Expo, which takes place once a year. This is certainly an event for franchise professionals.

The second significant event is the Festival of franchises, where you can meet not only companies from Russia, but also from the CIS. It also takes place once a year. On the Internet you can easily find detailed information about these events.

If for some reason you missed these exhibitions or do not want to wait, you can put information about your franchise on specialized Russian web sites. For example, on these ones, which I have found within 1 minute simply by writing “buy a franchise in Moscow” in Google:

If you search longer, you will find a few dozen more of these websites. Unfortunately, 90% of Russian websites do not have English translations, so use translation services.

You can contact these websites using their contact details and offer them to publish information about your franchise on their website. Usually it is free.

You can also advertise information about your franchise on the two largest websites that are similar to eBay. They are and

You will need to pay for posting your advertisement there but you can choose specific cities of Russia for your ad. Choose category “for business” and section “ready business”. If you specify all your contacts there, potential buyers will be able to contact you easily. The post will be published for the period of 30 days, after 30 days, if you decide to prolong the period, you will have to pay again. This is usually a modest amount.

Also in Russia there are companies that are engaged in the development of turnkey franchises. You just need to show them your product and provide details about it. Such a company will do the rest. And it will also sell your franchise. For example, these are the companies that I have found while writing this post:

Just type “turnkey franchise” in Google in the Russian language (“франшиза под ключ”) and you will find a few dozens of such companies in Russia. Judging by the information on their websites, the period for developing a franchise is from 15 to 30 days. Prices and conditions are discussed individually.

I can say that several times in my life I have come across such companies. They did not make a good impression on me since they developed franchises for all industries, not in a specific field. Therefore, they do not specialize exclusively in food franchises or the food business in general. My personal opinion is that this is a big disadvantage of such companies. They cannot properly develop and then promote your franchise if they do not understand as well as you do in the food business. But in any case, you decide what is best for you.

Of course, you can also create a page for your franchise on Russian social networks. I wrote about them in more detail in step № 26, the link to this step will be under this post. Translate all materials about your franchise into Russian and start advertising on these social networks. As I said earlier, if you translate your website and your presentations about the franchise and products, you will be able to promote not only in Russia, but also in at least 10 other countries where Russian is one of the state languages.

You can do all these things yourself or hire an official representative in Russia who will represent and develop your franchise. A person who knows all Russian laws related to the food industry and the rules of conducting food business in Russia. Such a person can also communicate with your potential clients in Russia and, of course, promptly support them after they acquire your franchise.

In conclusion, I will repeat once again what was at the beginning of this article – promotion and sale of foreign food franchises in Russia is now a very good business idea. Just do everything wisely and properly prepare everything in advance.

Yours faithfully,

Alexander Sinyanskiy

Business Adviser in the Russian Food Industry  

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