More about me


In this section of my website I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself, something that only my closest friends know. Of course, this website contains a lot of information about me, but it is all about my professional experience and skills. Here I will tell you some facts about myself as a person.

So, let us take a closer look:

– First, I have a wife and daughter. My daughter’s name is Mira, this name exists in 27 cultures. For every nation this name has a different meaning. For example, in Japan it means “the treasure of the future”. In Arab countries the name has two meanings, as a short form of the name Amira – “princess” and it also means “food”.

– I also have got a cat, his name is 2509, my wife and I found him in the winter when we lived above the Arctic Circle. At that time, we worked very hard could not think of a good name for him. Therefore, he has just an inventory number as it is recorded in his passport.

– For my whole life I have been involved in food and food industry, but I do not have a relevant education though I graduated from two universities.

– For more than 15 years I have been professionally engaged in powerlifting and I am the champion of my region.

– Over the past few years I have lost more than 40 kg and now I am keen on triathlon. My first target is to run a marathon.

– I have not been watching TV for more than 10 years.

– I do not use a smartphone, I have Nokia 6700, which is probably more than 10 years old, and I like it.

– I like reading books very much. I usually read a book of 200-300 pages at a time.

– I like cooking and collecting old books with recipes.

– My dad, like all the man in my family on the paternal side, worked for the military. I am the first who decide not to build a career in the army. Although the first university I graduated from was a military one.

– My mother is a foreign language teacher by education, but all her life she worked a social worker. She helped people with disabilities, pensioners, veterans and the poor.

– I like learning different foreign languages. I used to speak 6 different languages. Unfortunately, due to lack of practice, languages get forgotten.

“Alexander, how have you decided to become a business adviser for food business owners?”
This happened long before I started my private practice. In my whole career I was always hired directly by business owners. Owners of food businesses usually have friends who also have food businesses, but in different market segments. Knowing my diverse experience in the food industry, my employers asked me to help their friends with certain business issues.

For some of them I came to their workshops to show how to properly cut fish fillets, or showed errors in budgets, or explained and showed how to properly set up labor safety processes in the company, or showed how their hired managers and directors steal from them, or redesigned packaging to avoid returns from clients and customers, or organized logistics of food products to places everyone considered to be impossible, or opened brand stores that immediately, not in a year or two, made profits.

This went on for many years until at some point I realized that there are many food business owners in the world who need real help. Not help of a hired manager that works only for money but help from a person that can come and solve their business problems in a short period of time.

If in a global food industry a business adviser is quite a common job, in Russia this is still a novelty. All over the world, such business advisers are contacted in advance, before problems arise, but in Russia, unfortunately, 99% of my clients request my services only when there are serious problems in the company.

When requesting services from a consulting company, you never know what kind of experience employees of this company have. Perhaps, your own current employees are more qualified, and you just lose money and will not get a desired result by hiring a third-party company.

Therefore, on my website you can read my resume and decide for yourself whether my experience meets your needs and whether I can complete your tasks.

The full version of my resume has about nine printed pages and very few people read it to the end. Therefore, to save your time I provide a concise version of my CV with the description of the most interesting stages of my career.

So, since 2015, I have been engaged in private practice providing services to business owners as an adviser on food industry. Before that, my professional career as a hired manager looked as follows:

LLC “Salekhard Canned Food Plant”

Chief Commercial Officer


*Managing sales of all products (retail, small, medium, large wholesale, distribution, contracts with new regional and federal chains)
*Managing two Sales Departments in Salekhard and Yekaterinburg
*Training of the Sales Department employees
*Managing commercial division of the plant (sales, warehouses, logistics, supply purchases)
* Opening new retail brand stores
* Developing new products
* Developing new packaging
* Leading the workforce team on ISO 22000 implementation
* Business planning for new production facilities (canned deer meat, canned caviar facility)
* Liaison with the holding headquarters management
* CEO i.a. (when CEO is away on business or vacation)


* Development of a new product with a new recipe that won a gold medal at Yekaterinburg Food Expo and a World Food gold medal.
* Development of an innovative product that allowed to reduce the amount of low quality raw fish (250 tons per year)
* Started supply to 90% of Russian federal and regional food retailers.

LLC “GC Partners Omsk” 

Assistant Managing Director in Irkutsk region

GC Partners Omsk is an industrial outsourcing company, a part of OMC – the largest Russian industrial outsourcing company. I managed Irkutsk subdivision and was responsible for TNK-BP oil field in the Irkutsk region and Yakutia.


* Food service: 6 cafeterias and 6 buffets (with about 3,000 employees eating per day)
* Transportation service (garbage and consumer waste, water delivery, tractors)
* Cleaning service (indoors – 20,000 sq. m. and outdoors – 30,000 sq. m.)
* Buildings maintenance (heating, power services)
* Reception and accommodation service (management of 6 hostels for 1,200 people)
* Laundry service
* Administrative service including commercial management of a separate subdivision in Irkutsk region
* Resolution of day-to-day organizational, financial, technical, production, IT, HR issues.
* Budgeting, monitoring the implementation of budgets
* Planning and procurement for the facilities
* Quality control of ongoing repairs of buildings and structures
* Supervision over repairs of utility networks and equipment.
* Implementation TPM system (total productive maintenance equipment)
* Management of supply purchases and logistics
* Implementation and monitoring of compliance with the standards of labor safety and fire safety in the company’s units in accordance with the rules of TNK-BP
* Auditing and supervision of divisions
* Running operation under “limited resources”
* Managing 250 people
* Reception of VIP guests (TNK BP management, leaders of Irkutsk region)

At the request of the owner of the company, I was transferred to the central office of the holding in Omsk to develop Logistics project: optimization of supplies to the Arctic regions according to the company’s strategy.

* Choosing the best cities in the region to open stores
* Choosing places for warehouses
* Budgeting for new warehouses
* Designing optimal logistic schemes
* Work with the suppliers on the logistics


* Implemented TPM system
* Implemented health and safety systems in accordance with TNK-BP standards
* Developed business plan for the organization of the delivery and opening of grocery shops in Irkutsk region and the Far North (Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Districts)

LLC Siberian Delicacy 

First Deputy to the General Director of the Holding

LLC Siberian Delicacy is a holding in Omsk dealing with production and sales of premium food products. The largest Russian regional producer in this product segment.


* Operational management of 2,500 employees in the four production facilities: water, frozen semi-finished meat, sausage factory, and butchery
* Managing retail chain including 5 supermarkets
* Duties of the Executive Director including selection of goods for sale, pricing, management of culinary divisions, personnel motivation, development of stores, opening of new stores
* Supervision of supply, personnel, marketing, logistics, IT, maintenance, legal, security divisions
* Supervision of sales department, motivation programs for sales representatives, promotions, negotiations with the largest customers, conflict resolution
* Supervising construction of new facilities
* Supervising construction of a poultry farm
* Control and approval of the budgets of the reporting units (profit and loss state, cash flow)
* Development and implementation of regulation policies for the company
* Task planning and control system in SMART, the design of the reporting system
* Introduction of the business principles of “lean manufacturing”
* Setting tasks, control, coordination, effective management of departments/companies of the holding
* Interaction with the inspecting organizations and with local authorities.
* General Director i.a. (when GD is away)


* Development of distribution on territory of Russia, expansion of the geography of sales.
* Increasing sales in the CIS (with the help of existing and new products)
* Opening a branch in Kazakhstan (the first branch outside the Russian Federation)
* Managing company’s retail chain in Omsk with profit of 8%.
* Strong management team.


Head of Purchasing Department

LLC “АОS” is a leading food production company working according to the standards of the Russian President Administration.


* Supply purchasing, dealing with more than 300 suppliers
* Search for suppliers, audit, coordination of suppliers, tracking delivery dates, cost control, warehouses, transportation, etc
* Marketing research and monitoring with weekly reports to the company owner
* Development of new products, packaging.
* Organizing and conducting tenders for procurement
* Reducing production and maintenance costs
* Operational management of accounts payable and receivable
* Solution of issues and emergencies
* Organization according “lean” production principles


* Developed and introduced new packaging for Moscow market
* Developed and introduced new products for Moscow market
* Diversified suppliers from 80 to 300 and negotiated 15-20% discounts on raw materials
* 30% cost reduction of existing packaging without quality loss
* Developed analytical reports that allowed to predict an upcoming shortage of supplies in Russia, which helped us increase our market share by 25%
* Secured exclusive rights to Moscow market for several types of products
* Implemented JIT system

LLC Salarita 

Head of the Procurement Division

LLC Salarita is a startup in Moscow dealing with import and wholesales of food products.


* Business plan development
* Organization of procurement (imports and domestic), about 2,000-3,000 tons per month
* Organization of sales (personal sales of 200-300 tons per week)
* Search for suppliers, clients, negotiations (imports and domestic)
* Work with contracts (drafting and analysis);
* Logistic optimization: rail, auto, sea (imports and domestic),
* Marketing research of the food market (discounts, promotions, popular positions)
* Search for new products, foreign and Russian.


* In eight months with the company, it became the third in Russia in terms of sales of two products.
* The company’s turnover grew from $1 million to $4 million per month

LLC Vostokrybprom 

Procurement Specialist

* Search and selection of suppliers (10 regions of Russia, USA)
* Top level negotiations with management and authorities
* Calculation and optimization of logistics data: rail, air, auto
* Drawing up and analysis of contracts
* Supervision of regional sales representatives (recruitment and training)
* Development of the optimal assortment and prices
* Marketing research


* Secured exclusive conditions for the supply of several products from Murmansk and the USA.
* Expanded the product line in Moscow.
* Participated in the opening of several new branches of the company.

Own business 

Managing ( combined with studying at the second institute)

– Organization of food sales in the HORECA and small wholesale segments.
– Organization of delivery service in the city for vip-clients
– Establishing contacts with direct producers (Ayan, Okhotsk, Sakhalin)
– Supplies to Moscow.
– Opening of canning production (selection of equipment, selection of premises, registration of all documents, purchase of raw materials, packaging and ingredients).
– Production management


1. Khabarovsk State Technical University (Degree in Law)

2. Far Eastern Institute of Law of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation  (Legal Investigation)