Trusted management of your business/company

Trusted management of your business is a service for business owners who are tired of managing their company themselves, but do not want to sell it. These owners would like to get aside for a while, so they need someone to look after their business and supervise the ongoing work so that the business continues to grow.

There is a number of reasons why using my services is better than hiring one more top manager. Firstly, I do not seek opportunities for advancement in my career or fulfillment of my ambitions. There is only one person I work for and this person is the owner. Therefore, I work to achieve the goals set by the owner and I am not interested in anything else. Secondly, unlike most top managers, I do not work to be appraised by the owner, since I have already proved to be a unique expert in food industry. Finally, I do not need 2-6 months of induction.

I usually get on board and within 2-3 days I get ready to perform. For me it is more than enough to meet the team, talk to the heads of departments and have a look at the production facilities to get the feel of your business. I have managed ten different food companies, so I can say that principles of food production are the same everywhere: reduce the costs, increase the profits, respect your suppliers and customers and pay your staff on time.

I arrange the work in your company in a way that you can peek at any time you want. Every second you will have an opportunity to know and to see what each of your employees is doing. All that is thanks to setting up a harmonized system of reports. If you do not believe it is possible, do not hesitate to contact me, I will show you real examples.