New products development

New products development is the most interesting service for me. I do not hold any formal certificates or scientific degrees in food processing, but I have experience of working for nine diverse food processing companies. I am aware of and I have worked with many types of raw materials, ingredients, spices, methods of processing and storage, packaging and logistics solutions that make sure your products look great on the self. Moreover, I love cooking myself, so I experiment a lot, read food manufacturing technology guides and follow the news about the latest know-hows and inventions in food industry. I have picked up many interesting ideas from US and Japanese novelties, as well as from Soviet and historical Russian culinary traditions.

Most of my experience is related to premium products. These are products with no chemicals, substitutes or preserving agents. So, I prefer developing such types of products. My philosophy is to develop products that I can feed to my own child with no fear.

What makes me different from other specialists in food products development? I take into consideration not only production process itself, but all the processes your products undergo. Firstly, I choose the niche where your future product will be potentially placed. I analyze advantages and disadvantages of competitive products, look at their strengths and weaknesses both as a producer and as a consumer. I select the strengths of other products that we should deploy and make specific changes to avoid potential weaknesses. Then, I choose raw materials and ingredients and study their price fluctuations for the last three years. This analysis is very important to avoid losses when selling products via big retailers that do not allow monthly changes in prices.

After that, I organize a series of production trials of the new product. At this stage we target specific taste and appearance characteristics, as well as define future packaging, delivery methods and requirements for a shelf in a retail store. All that is done keeping in mind strengths and weaknesses of competitive products. This stage also includes calculation of prime and direct costs. Finally, the new potential product is presented to the general director and the company’s commercial department together with estimates of its costs and retail prices, as well as ideas for its marketing and promotion activities.

As you can see, I do more than most in-company food production engineers. Moreover, for each of your future products I choose only the best practices from my extensive work experience in Russia and abroad. In other words, when creating a new product, I ask myself, “Would I like to be responsible for selling this product and developing it?”