Comprehensive analysis of all divisions of your business/company

Comprehensive analysis of all divisions of your business/company is my favourite service. I have gained experience in many areas throughout my career. I have worked in procurement, sales, logistics and even contract drafting. I have managed projects and start-ups in these areas, has been involved in marketing and new products development, have worked as a deputy of General Director of a holding company, so has been responsible for accounting, finance, human resources and talent management, economic security, as well as international projects and new brands and new production facilities launches.

When analyzing your business/company I look at the situation from different perspectives – both your managers and employees. I help to build a system that ensures smooth and efficient interaction and feedback between all the departments in the company. I find bottlenecks and transform them into your strengths. In the end, you get a clear understanding of your business weaknesses, strengths and outlooks. I explain what each department and employee can achieve, what changes can be made, and what impact the changes will have. The owner decides on the improvement methods he prefers and either proceeds with them on their own or delegates the implementation to me.