Do you do webinars or deliver lectures?

No, I do not do “general training” because I do not believe in its effectiveness. I solve each issue individually. There are no identical food facilities; each one is unique. All of them have the same problems, but these problems should be solved within specific circumstances of the production facility, its specific financial situation and its specific staff. Therefore, I just get involved into your business and find a solution for your specific issue, that is it.

Yes, I give lectures and participate in forums, but only outside of Russia. My clients are not only businessmen and food companies from Russia, but also from another 240 countries of the world. I am the author of the only book in the world in English about how foreign companies enter the Russian food market, not make mistakes and not lose money. Therefore, I am periodically invited by my foreign colleagues and business partners to speak at events related to the food industry that are held in their countries.