Dismissing top managers

Dismissing top managers is one of the most frequently requested services. There are three types of owners who may need this.

Firstly, these are business owners who have hired a top manager and delegated him/her so much authority that the top manager has started to make decisions only a business owner should make or has started to ignore the owner’s requests or deadlines. Secondly, these are business owners who have promised a golden parachute to their top managers, but because of different reasons do not wish to pay it now. Finally, these are business owners who have become friends with their top managers, so now they face a moral dilemma – to lose a friend or to lose a company.

It is very important to discharge top mangers in a right way so that they do not feel offended or damage your business. I always offer business owners several scenarios of giving someone a notice and they can chose the one that suites their moral principals the most.