Mentoring and advising to owners on managerial decisions

Mentoring and advising to owners on managerial decisions is a very frequent service. Many of my clients initially asked me to make an analysis of their businesses, but in most cases that analysis evolved into mentoring and advising. Business owners took the decision to continue their cooperation with me to grow the business further because they needed my external perspective, my in-depth expertise and my support of a “true friend”.

With growing competition in the market many business owners understand that the status quo of their company is no longer good enough to be successful, so they approach me to learn how to be the best. I explain and demonstrate what needs to be done and what should be avoided. I share the best practices in each type of the business. I offer solutions for specific situations and let my clients know how the same issues would be dealt with in other food companies. I teach absolutely everything related to food industry.
If you think your facility is unique and a stranger can not know what is the best specifically for your company, I can say that the main principals of food businesses are the same. I can even assure you of that. I have learnt that with my own experience of managing nine diverse food companies. Even if you doubt I can help you, I know I can.
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