Business plan development for new food production facilities/companies. Start-up new food business.

Business plan development for a new food production facility is not just a service, it is an opportunity to create a working business model for a future company. Working as a top manager I have seen a myriad of business plans and projects developed by my employees or clients. 99% of those business plans was a waste. Firstly, they had nothing to do with reality and every day Russian life. Secondly, those business projects were created by economists, marketing experts, start-upers, sales people and so on.

Those projects did not take in consideration the interaction of all the processes at the same time – production, administration, technical support and others. They failed to look at the new production facility as a whole, as one working business.Many years ago I started my career as a supply manager. At certain points my job involved sales, logistics, production, marketing, technical support, people recruitment, budgeting and many other things. Later, as a top manager I was responsible for companies growth and development, their financial health. So, when I develop a business plan of a new food production facility, I create a business I would like to manage myself.

For each business plan there is a plan B. Each business project is simple, comprehensive, realistic and deals with most hidden traps. Most importantly, I continue to support any of these projects in their implementation stage in case something goes wrong, since I am a professional top manager who takes full responsibility for a successful completion of a project.

And of course, if you want, I can not only develop a business plan for you, but personally start up the entire project of your new food business.