Auditing food production companies before their purchase, sale or investment

Auditing food production companies for the sake of purchase, sale or investment is a very complex service to provide. In one audit report I combine both the audit of products produced by my client’s food facility and the audit of the production facility infrastructure – its technical equipment, staff qualifications, relations with customers and suppliers, internal and external security, financial current state and upcoming trends.

Unlike many general profile consultancies or business brokers I specialize in food industry only. So, I do not only audit a food business, I can predict whether this business will be profitable or go bankrupt. Moreover, I can help you avoid potential pitfalls which are not usually mentioned in audit reports done by general consultancies and brokers. If you decide to invest in a business I have audited, I will be able to advise and teach you how to deal with possible upcoming problems.

Within one month of buying a business I have audited I continue working with my clients free of charge. In some cases, I keep on servicing a specific business as long as it is needed. Most importantly, when I audit a food company for my client, I conclude the report with my personal answer to the questions: “Will you invest your OWN money into this project?”