Anti-crisis management of your business/company

Anti-crisis management is one of the most complicated services. It requires to spot all the issues at a glance and to solve them ASAP.

It usually takes me one day to get the understanding of the situation in the company. Then I discuss possible solutions for all the issues with the owners. With the experience I have in food industry, I can always offer several options for each issue and explain their advantages, disadvantages, consequences and risks. After that, the owners choose the approach that suits them best and can proceed in implementing it without me. Then, my role does not go beyond advising or consulting. In other cases, the owners delegate me the responsibility to improve the health of their company, so I take the measures we have agreed upon.

The job of an anti-crisis manager requires both extended and profound expertise. One needs to be able to deal with sales, production, procurement, logistics, legal affairs and finance. One needs to combine practical experience and professional knowledge, as well as common sense and emotional intelligence. One needs to understand the internal communication system in a company to set it up in a proper way. Since 2009 I have come through three crises in Russia and all of then while working in food industry, so now, with no doubt, I can help you solve any crisis-related problems your business may face.